Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Months Video! -- Get Your Tickets for December 18th NOW!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pheature Flyer & Poster Offer!

Check out the Saturday Night Pheature flyer! Get Your tickets now as well! All tickets bought online get free 12x18 Pheature poster. Get your favorite artist or artists hosts or DJ to sign it!!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Saturday Night Pheature 12/18/10

AML Records & Phenomenal1 Presents

Saturday Night Pheature December 18th

Pheatured Performers: Notrydo.Sincere, feat. KAOTIC FeSo, Eratic, and Looch.

Special Birthday Celebration for Pheel Deez.

Hosted by: Lid Law & Tina P.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Check out the Pheature MIX!!

DJ Kwiet Storm put together this nice Pheature Mix featuring joints from all this months performers check it out now! Click the link below. 


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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Buy Your Pheature Tickets Now!

BUY YOUR TICKET NOW!! DID YOU RSVP for your DISCOUNT CODE??? RSVP ON FB or email pheatures@yahoo.com for your discount!!!

Meet The Host: Lid Law

Southside of Chicago's own prodigal son is back to take the world of Hip-Hop as we know it by storm! Once 1/3 of the hearlded "Jrunk Unklz" movement based in the underground of the Windy City, Lid Law is back on his own 2 to bring fun, excitement, thought, and reality to the music we commonly refer to as Hip-Hop. With so much BS in the world of Hip-Hop its good too see a fresh talent that reminds you why you love this music!! With a stage performance unlike none you have ever seen, with a lyrical prowless comparible to the legends of our time, and with a dynamic sense of humor and fun that leaves you wanting more. Lid Law is definitely after your own heart, ears, and heads!! As a true "Jrunk Unkl" his music is reminiscent of something you would hear from a family member who wants to relay the truth too you with out any concern for how it is taken, but with enough humanilty he makes you smile because it comes from his real life experiences... So sit back, kick your feet up and enjoy a sip with your favorite "Jrunk Unk"!!!!

Meet the Host: Tina P.

I was raised by theater, nursed on pop culture, and dreamt my entire life of a successful acting career. It was just this summer that I fell in love with arts journalism hosting Chicago Music Project. While competing in the spokesmodel portion of SNRadioOnline's Battle of the Buzz, I was assigned to do a live stream interview with P1...and the rest is history. I'm superdeeduper excited to be co-hosting Pheature. I plan to bring my bubbly enthusiasm, free-spirited nature, and silly spontaneity to the stage. Here's hoping you'll have a good time with Tina P <3

Saturday Night Pheature 11/20/10

Pheatured Performers: Sincere Life, Prelude to a Million, Young Duggie, and J Grigdes

Hosted By: Tina P & Lid Law

Venue: Music Lounge 3017 W. Armitage

Doors Open 8pm-2am

To purchase tickets visit pheature.eventbrite.com/

Sincere Life
                                                          Revelations [LISTEN]

Young Duggie

Toast to Life [LISTEN]

Prelude to a Million

                                                           "One" [LISTEN]

J Grigdes

Paid Dues [LISTEN]

Sunday, October 24, 2010







Sincerely Yours

Young Duggie

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