Friday, June 29, 2012

Pheature All Star Show Pics! (slideshow)

This past Saturday June 23 we had the Pheature All Star Show celebrating 6 months at Tiger O'Stylies! All of the artist from all over Chicago + Cut Camp from Indianapolis all came together to rock the Pheature stage in an amazing way! We had a great time as you can see in the pics! Check out the slideshow here or you can click Photobucket Pheature Pics << that link to see the individual pics!

If you prefer to check them out on Facebook click >> HERE: PHEATURE PHOTOS ON FACEBOOK so you can comment & share with your friends! Don't miss next months Pheature July 29th @ Tiger O'Stylies. Look out for special sales and giveaways between now and then! Discount Tickets go on sale SUNDAY JULY 1st at 7PM! If you would like to stay in tune with Pheature events and happening be sure to visit this site or add your email to the mailing list below the slideshow.

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Hello PHEATURE PHAM!  The Pheature team is excited about the events and happenings of what is to come over the next few months!  One of the things that we love to do for our Pheature Pham is send you home with FREE STUFF so you'll definitely notice some free give aways at the shows and leading up to the shows, one of which is this FREE DOWNLOAD!  Each month we will be giving away a FREE DOWNLOADABLE WALLPAPER for your desktop or laptop computer.  This photograph is pulled directly from the best of the best shots of PHEATURE every month and designed by eMvi  to keep your computer looking PHRESH every month!  We hope you enjoy this, the first of many gifts from PHEATURE WORLD TO YOU!  

Follow the link to download the wall paper already formated for your computer! 

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