In his short time Rapper/Producer Phenomenal1, or Phenom as you may hear him called, has greatly impacted the hip-hop game. Having executively produced 7 albums, and featured on a host of others; Phenom clearly expresses his passion for music. Not only do the fans throughout the country recognize his many talents, other talented artists have also given recognition. While many recognize his genius inside the studio it is his work live performances that continue to win over many fans. With an impressive and ever growing resume; Phenomenal1 has already shared the stage with many hip-hop greats and continues on his quest to work with many more. From opening for one of his personal heroes Twista, his great work has also given him the opportunity to perform on the same stage with Talib Kweli, Black Sheep, Wu-Tang, Keith Murray and others. Phenomenal1 seems to be in line to be the next hip-hop headliner! “Aiming high, never aiming low” as he states in the fan favorite song "Never"; shows that he lives his lyrics. Phenom’s style is very unique giving him that distinguishing edge; separating him from all other rappers, while at the same time bringing much comparison to fellow Chicago rappers such as Common, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West. He has also been compared to the likes of Talib Kweli, Jay-Z and even Outkast. Outside of his pointed lyrics, many of his songs deliver a home hitting message or a topic listeners can relate to. "You Go Boy," "3Wishes", "Love", and "Car Hop" are just a few of the songs respected and loved by fans everywhere! These songs and others are featured on his reverbnation page (, where he has peaked on the charts at #65 out of over 26,000 artists. The future has many great things in store for this talented and motivated rapper/producer who oversees the All Mighty Label as well! SO in the words of Phenomenal1 Y-o-u G-o Boy!! Make sure you take the time and see what the buzz is about; listen to the music-you’ll be happy you did!

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