About Pheature

I am an artist that is concerned with the state of my art. Rather than sit by and complain, or watch people exploit and destroy my art I decided to take a stand for Hip-Hop, and good artistry! I have witnessed and performed on numerous shows, both good and bad, and I KNOW that there is NOTHING that comes close to the feeling of seeing an AMAZING live show.

I have had the opportunity to meet, work with, and become friends with some very talented artists, some recognized, some up and coming. Knowing the struggle to find a good stage as an artist AND see a great show as a fan I decided to create this experience. For 9 months my team and I have been working...and making this experience a living breathing reality! This is PHEATURE! By the Artist for the Artists that are for the people! Each month we get better at delivering the most amazing shows that I have been fortunate to be apart of as a fan, artist, and promoter.

Our formula is simple: get the BEST talents, put them together on a well rounded diverse bill, make it accessible and affordable, let them do their thing, and DON'T overdo it. Pheature is where you will see the Gonna Be's not the wanna be's. So each artist is booked with that in mind.

The formula is working and we are committed to continuing to improve. We have come a long way in 9 months and we still have more to do! So come and join us in this musical experience and journey! Once a month you know that Pheature will be the place to be. I on behalf of my whole team and all the artists that have come and will come to grace the pheature stage appreciate YOUR support!


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