Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Little Bit About PheatureTV 

After a year of successful shows and raising the bar for the underground/independent hip hop scene in Chicago Saturday Night Pheature is set to take it's show from the stage to the screen!  In keeping with the task of exposing the best breaking talent from the Midwest, the transition from the stage to the screen will be another avenue for great artist to be heard and now be seen! If you have never been to Saturday Night Pheature then PheatureTV will be a sneak peek into the independent hip hop scene of Chicago and beyond.  Always reaching and connecting professionals from across the industry PheatureTV will also showcase various DJs, Comedians, artists, models, and more industry professionals throughout the season. Not only will you get to see them perform, you will get to hear their story! They will be interviewed and you get their take on issues affecting music and the world. We hope that you will tune in! Air dates and premiers will be announced very soon.  But before that if you would like to be on set and be a part of the taping contact P1 by phone at 312.869.9603. By email at or follow @Pheatureworld

on twitter. #PheatureTV  for more info an to RSVP visit us on FB 


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